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Final Fantasy XV will have multiple sequels!!!

Director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that Square Enix will be developing multiple sequels for the long awaited Final Fantasy XV. Nomura also confirmed that  FFXV will be have one climax and planned to expand the story through multiple sequels! The Director also apologized for the fans long wait, “I deeply apologize for having you wait for so long. I hope that our latest announcement has been able to meet all of your expectations,” Nomura said. 

Its a sweet and sour news in my opinion, I was really hoping for one game in the now Final Fantasy XV series. But I’m not surprise, due to SQ long history for Sequels. Question is will this change SQ’s reputation? Is Final Fantasy XV their game changer? We the fans will have to be the Judge of that!  To read the interview click on the link below. 


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